When time leaves marks to your face, everyone dreams to be young. Sofiderm makes it possible for women to be more angelic beauty moving. Dream is no longer a dream, it comes true by Sofiderm.

Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like, transparent substance present mainly in the skin, but it gets destroyed over time. Sofiderm is comprised of bioengineered hyaluronic acid, which is nearly the same as what naturally present in human body. It can immediately restore lost volume of your natural collagen, smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, rejuvenate the skin, thus brings back beauty to you.

There is no need to take pre-injection skin testing and produce reproducible. It’s safe, convenient, and efficient.

Eye and Forehead

Worry lines:
Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it.The injection of Sofiderm can help to get rid of your worry lines quickly.

Frown lines:
Frown lines are an inevitable part of the aging process.They're the result of facial muscles interacting with sun-damaged skin.Fortunately, you can remove them with the magical powder of Sofiderm.

Eye brow:
Sofiderm gives your eye brow a small lift, more nature and beautiful.

Crow’s feet:
Small wrinkles appear around the eye are often one of first signs of aging. If you want to remove them, choose Sofiderm, youth will return to you.

Cheek and Nose

Flat, irregular and imbalanced nose are no longer problems, throw them to Sofiderm.

If you take steps to prevent cheek wrinkles early in life, you'll be able to delay the aging process. Use Sofiderm to rejuvenate your skin, and prolong your youth.

Nose to mouth:
These lines, also called the nasal labial fold or nasolabial fold, run from the corner of the nostril of the nose down to the corner of the mouth. Use JEUNER, these problems will be easy to solve.

Lip and chin

Sad mouth:
Sad mouth gives the lips a down turned look, if you want to change this situation, please choose Sofiderm.

Smile lines:
Smile lines are those folds that appear on either side of the lips running down from the nose. These lines give a bitter and aged look to the face. Now, no worry about this any more, just hand it over to Sofiderm.

Lip lines:
In fact, these lines are sometimes called smokers' lines because they're much more common on people who smoke. Sofiderm can provide a small amount of improvement for this.

Do you want more attractive fuller lips? Just a small operation, Sofiderm can makes it come true.

With time goes by, the lost volume of hyaluronic acid in our chin will produce lins and wrinkles. Use Sofiderm to drive aging away, you deserve to own a perfect chin.